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to Amsterdam, I usually go via Haarlem. It is a nicer and much more quiet around a quarter to seven in the morning. Yesterday I was rather happy there were no people because I had to take a lot of pictures of the misty morning. I hopped up and down the train, left to right and back ūüėČ




In springtime you will find the famous bulbfields between Leiden and Haarlem. It is like a patchwork of different , brightly coloured tulips. At this time you will only find the uprooted bulbs and ofcourse summer- and autumnflowers. Different colours in a different patchwork quilt.





The fields were also very wet, due to torrential rain during the night.


Haarlem, het Spaarne and the mill De Adriaan.


Amsterdam Damrak.


Oudezijds Achterburgwal, upside down and reflected in the canal. During the day and night it is very busy, mostly with tourist, gaping at this peculiar mix of sex, drugs and rock and roll. You are not supposed to take pictures of the ladies in the  windows, but in the early hours of the day only the chars are there.


Oudezijds Kolk, seen from the Armbrug.

WP_20150815_042 1

After a days’ work at¬†‘t Cereaal¬†on the Nieuwmarkt I took the same route home. That’s when I saw all thes cows, probably also on their way home ūüėČ

4 Reacties

  • Petra on 16 August 2015

    Heerlijk die ochtendmist..het heeft iets sprookjesachtig. En lekker dat het dan nog zo stil is…zeker nu in de vakantietijd!! De weerspiegeling in foto’s vind ik altijd zo leuk!!

  • Marjolein on 17 August 2015

    Mooie plaatjes Josee!

  • Anne-Sterre on 17 August 2015

    Leuk die koeien zo in een rijtje. Mooi foto’s van de huizen in het weerspiegelende water.

  • stefanie on 18 August 2015

    Oh mooi Josee! Ook die weerspiegelingen zijn prachtig! Jij boft met dit soort kaasdagen :))

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