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the month when the nights are already drawing in, is a nice month. It can be warm still, and nature finds itself between coming and going. Leaves are starting to fall and brambleberries are ripening. Figs and chestnut are doing their utmost in the neighebours’ garden. Apart from wasps I am quite fond of August. It is also a rather yellow month.One only has to look to find Tansy and yellow Dahlias and ofcouse Sunflowers.


We have many sunflowers on our balcony. Funny shapes stems and large or small flowerheads.


Thea all turn their heads towards the sun, untill they flower. Heliotropism this is called, I only learned this just now.



Look very hard.


Sunflowerseeds already visible.


This is how they all started, from sunflowerseeds 😉





5 Reacties

  • Rob on 12 August 2015

    Een zonnig verhaal!

  • Anne-Sterre on 12 August 2015

    Vrolijk gezicht, al die bloemen 🙂

    • Author
      Josee Kool on 12 August 2015

      Precies, dat vind ik nou ook ?

  • stefanie on 13 August 2015

    Mooi Josee! Zonnige gele gezichtjes uit een pitje zo klein… wat is de natuur toch inspirerend :))

  • Petra on 13 August 2015

    Bijzonder toch hé dat elke maand zijn eigen charmes heeft. Vooral goudgeel voert idd nu de boventoon…ik geniet er van!!

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