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Like Mother Swan

Ditjes en Datjes 4 Reacties

and her ducklings share the cool water with a seagull,


-who then dust and shakes and takes off-,


the sunflowers that share a pot,


I don’t mind sharing at all.


Except ofcourse sharing my supper with a wasp, that I do mind 😀

I still need to make some adjustments to the pictures, but all will dealt with when my assistant returns from his holiday 😉

I still have

4 Reacties

  • Rob on 8 August 2015

    Je hebt er een volger bij, veel succes!

    • Author
      Josee Kool on 9 August 2015

      Dat is leuk, dank je Rob 🙂

  • Petra on 10 August 2015

    Hmmm..ik snap die wesp dan weer wel 😉 :p

    • Author
      Josee Kool on 10 August 2015


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