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Kater Lodewijk, Patchen en Quilten 12 Reacties

It has been a while since my last post on my old weblog Soyee.
New chances call for new beginnings and a new name; VAN LAPJES.
In the past few years I have made many things. Gradually I will show some of it.
At this moment I am working on a larger quilt, with the manchine. Just a project to keep me going. Ofcourse, batikfabric is rather different to other fabrics. It makes it a bit tricky to sew 😀

Still going strong, Lodewijk our cat.

I will still have to get used to the lay out, but bear with me.
If you click on a picture, it will enlarge.

12 Reacties

  • Jane osborne on 3 August 2015

    Website working well, lodewijk looks very handsome and likes to pose!

    • Author
      Josee Kool on 3 August 2015

      Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment Jane 🙂
      Yes, Lodewijk is very handsome .

  • Hubertine Andeweg on 3 August 2015


    • Author
      Josee Kool on 3 August 2015

      Ha Hubertine 🙂

  • Anne-Sterre on 3 August 2015

    Wat leuk 🙂

    • Author
      Josee Kool on 5 August 2015

      Dank je Anne-Sterre ?

  • goof on 9 August 2015

    zo fijn dat jullie er weer zijn!

    • Author
      Josee Kool on 9 August 2015

      Ha Goof, we gaan er weer tegenaan 😉

  • Petra on 10 August 2015

    Echt leuk dat je er weer bent!! En die Lo…handsome man!!! 😉

    • Author
      Josee Kool on 10 August 2015

      Dank je Petra 🙂 Lodewijk komt wel een aantal keer voorbij 😉

  • stefanie on 12 August 2015

    Heee.. wat superleuk dat je er weer bent 🙂 Kijk, daar word ik nou helemaal blij van!!! En wat een mooie plek heb je gemaakt, supergaaf Josee! Ga je volgen hoor en lieve groet!!

    • Author
      Josee Kool on 12 August 2015

      Dank je Stefanie ?

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